Changing Values International

How do we work?

Multi-stakeholder processes

How do we work2

We believe that any strategic plan, project or program needs to involve key stakeholders. In our work we seek participation of key decision-makers, technical staff and administrative teams. To develop relevant programs the beneficiaries group is to be involved right from the start of any program. We also promote the involvement and collaboration of government, civil society and the private sector to stimulate synergies, effectiveness and sustainability of development programs. To be effective, involvement of these stakeholders is required during the different phases in the project cycle including identification, design, formulation, implementation and evaluation.   

Scenario Development

How do we work2

In many of our assignments we make use of Scenario Development. This methodology serves to develop long-term strategies for organizations, projects and programs. We normally facilitate a workshop of 2 to 3 days during which a group of 20 to 30 stakeholders together develop Scenarios of the Future. The scenarios describe stories about possible future developments and the opportunities and threats for the organisation in each scenario. The scenarios serve to develop a vision or concrete action plans, serving as a starting point for te formulation and implementation of project and programs. We organized and facilitated scenario development over the last 10 years at the level of organisations and companies, but also at sector and national levels.