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Innovative strategies for vocational education centres

Sector/theme: Education
Organization: Gomarus College
Coverage: The Netherlands
Period: 2006-2011



Gomarus college had plans to set up a new accommodation for vocational training activities for students from 12 to 18 years. Yet, the culture of the organization has been primarily academic and not open to innovation. The development  of the new accomodation was also complicated by the lack of a good relationship with the local government. This because of the lack of experience of the local government of Leiden with the particularities of vocational training activities. 

The college and local government have engaged in a multi-stakeholder process to develop a new approach for the development of the accommodation. The process included the management, teaching and administrative staff of the college, representatives of the government and the contracted architects and building companies. Together the parties have been able to think out of the box and develop a flexible and innovative concept for the accommodation. This concept is based on the requirements for vocational training set by the in terms of both requirements set by teaching and learning. Yet is also considers the requirement set by types of vocational trainig set by short and long term demands in the labor market.

Our services

Facilitation of a change process with participants of the college, local government and architects using Scenario Development as the main methodogy. Formulation of long-term strategies and implementation plans for the required infrastructure facilities and financing models based on expected population growth.

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