Changing Values International


Entrepreneurship training for vocational training centers in Bolivia

Sector/theme: Entrepreneurship
Organization: Instituto Tecnológico Santa Cruz/ University of Nijmegen
Coverage: Bolivia
Period: 2013


Despite the good quality of vocational training in Bolivia, students have limited employment opportunities. This is partially a result of a lack of entrepreneurship skills to respond to the competences required by the private sector or seek self-employment by starting a company. On request of one of the vocational training centre 'Instituto Tecnológico Santa Cruz', CVI developed and implemented a pilot course on entrepreneurship skills in collaboration with the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Support provided

  • Design of an interactive course on practical entrepreneurship skills for students of the vocational training centres
  • Implementation of pilot course in the form of a boot camp for teachers of the Instituto Tecnológico Santa Cruz

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