Changing Values International


Strengthening competences of female entrepreneurs

Sector/theme: Entrepreneurship
Organization: Professional Latin-American Women for Development
Coverage: The Netherlands
Period: 2008-2012



Female Latin American entrepreneurs in the Netherlands face multiple barriers to set up a successful business. The organization PLW4D supports these entrepreneurs in strengthening their competencies to start and sustain their small-scale businesses in the Dutch market. Barriers are found in business, cultural and language knowledge, skills and attitude. For this the organization facilitates Scenario Development workshops to explore opportunities and threats for business in the Netherland. PLW4D organises trade fairs and exchanges of experiences between starting and more experienced entrepreneurs. They also provide training workshops in financial managment, social networking and marketing.

Our services

  • Facilitation of workshops to identify opportunities and threats for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and the development of a plan of action to enhance business development using Scenario Development as a key methodology
  • Tailor-made training sessions improve the efficiency and effectivenessof business ideas and business plans of participating female entrepreneurs

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