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Integrating health care and community development

Sector/theme: Health care
Organization: Eye Hospital Rotterdam
Coverage: Netherlands
Period: 2010-2013

Health care


The Eye hospital is known as the best hospitals for eye treatments and surgeries, but does not provide night-stay. In The Netherlands this is the basis strategy to cut cost of facilities. Clients who stay longer are making use of hotels nearby. The local government of Rotterdam wants to exploit and develop unused office spaces in the inner city. The hospital owns such a space next to its head quarters in Rotterdam.

The government and hospital want to develop its unused office space, make it more save and attractive to clients and the public, but without high investment and exploitation costs. Therefore the government and the hospital have agreed to use the unused office space to set up hotel facilities and a shopping centre. These will be exploited by a private sector partner.

This way all stakeholders benefit from this innovative health care and business concept. The hospital provides additional services to their patients in a profitable way and the local government has created a new vibrant public space in the city without high investment and recurrent costs. This initiative is a good exampe of and innovative financing model through collaboration between government, not-for-profit health care services and the private sector.

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