Changing Values International

Who are we?

Prof. Dr. Stijn van der Krogt

Stijn van der Krogt is an energetic and inspiring person with a participatory leadership style. He has strong strategic and analytical competencies. He has 25 years of international experience in business and development in Africa and Latin America. His specialisation is found in strategy development in social entrepreneurship, agriculture and education and is an internationally renowned expert in ICT for development. As director of CVI he advices national governments and international development agencies and frequently speaks at international conferences. As Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration at the Universidad Paraguaya Alemana he focuses on introducing social business and ICT in the private sector in Paraguay.


Econ. María Elizabeth Rodas Valladares

Elizabeth Rodas is economist and has acquired 35 years of professional experience in the private sector and in development cooperation. She has a particular quality in change management processes, coaching of management and working in teams. She is specialized in project formulation, financial planning and evaluation. She applies a highly participatory approach, thus ensuring high level of effectiveness and impact. She works with and for small and medium companies, international development oranizations and governments. 

Gerard van der Wel

MSc. Gerard van der Wel

Gerard van der Wel, economist, has acquired 25 years of professional experience in the private, semi-private and public sectors. He has a particular quality in institutional innovation and business models in a multi-actor environment. Demand and market analysis form the basis of his approach. He likes the facilitation of groups and to support and coach key decision makers. Community building and common sense decision making are driving forces in his professional developmen